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How do erections change with old age

I’m Bob and I wish to share my story or rather my experience with sex and the perceptions that surround it at my age. I’ve always been a fun-loving person who has never shied away from a hearty … [Read More...]

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Is Catuaba tea cheaper than divorce

Women initiate two-thirds of divorces according to a survey by American Association of Retired People that comprised of people in the age group of 40 to 79. According to another survey conducted in … [Read More...]


How does male erection work

Some people say that anatomy is a dead science because we already know everything about “our bodies.” But this perception drastically changes as we age and our body refuses to agree with us most of … [Read More...]

True Emotional Seduction

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Save your marriage with this least known secret

I’m Ryan. The story I narrate is actually a life experience of rediscovering my wife Jessica. I’m sure a lot of couples out there have experienced what I have; however, what I attempt to share here is the dissection of what each relationship goes … [Read More...]

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Threesomes – How to avoid troubles (part 1)

Have you been contemplating a threesome lately? Are you desirous, yet fearful of threesomes? Do you often wonder how it is to have a threesome? Threesomes are one of the most common fantasies among men and women alike. It’s not unnatural to … [Read More...]

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8 ways to fire up a long distance relationship

Are you insecure about your long distance relationship? Has your sex life taken a backseat due to long distance relationship? Are you thinking of spicing up your long distance relationship through sex? A lot of couples feel that distance … [Read More...]