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Portrait of loving senior couple lying in bed at home

How do erections change with old age

I’m Bob and I wish to share my story or rather my experience with sex and the perceptions that surround it at my age. I’ve always been a fun-loving person who has never shied away from a hearty … [Read More...]

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5 things to know before making a move for sex

A lot of times we wish life was like movies where a couple is just drawn towards each other after the initial meeting and they end up tearing each others clothes in the bedroom. However, reality is far from it, at least for most of us. Many a … [Read More...]


Boring sex life – 7 easy ways to fix

Is your idea of intimacy limited to undressing with the lights off and having sex without uttering a word? If so, it is no surprise that your sexual frequency is no more than couple of times a month (or even less). You do not have to spell it out. … [Read More...]