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How does male erection work

Some people say that anatomy is a dead science because we already know everything about “our bodies.” But this perception drastically changes as we age and our body refuses to agree with us most of … [Read More...]


5 reasons you should masturbate

There are many things in this world that we love but many come with some sort of a baggage. For instance, love brings along with it responsibility and great food brings the possibility of weight gain … [Read More...]

True Emotional Seduction

Woman sending kisses via laptop

8 ways to fire up a long distance relationship

Are you insecure about your long distance relationship? Has your sex life taken a backseat due to long distance relationship? Are you thinking of spicing up your long distance relationship through sex? A lot of couples feel that distance … [Read More...]

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9 ways to get sex after argument

Is sex after argument a possibility? How to avoid a potential conversation that could lead to an argument? How to avoid conflicts that affect sex life? It is late in the evening and you arrive home from office thinking that today is going to … [Read More...]