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TIPS for everlasting sexual happiness™

From the time of the ancient Kamasutra, it has long been the quest of human beings to find the perfect solution for everlasting sexual happiness. Sexual boredom, loneliness, and ill health can take the juice out of your nights and push you into a … [Read More...]

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8 ways to fire up a long distance relationship

Are you insecure about your long distance relationship? Has your sex life taken a backseat due to long distance relationship? Are you thinking of spicing up your long distance relationship through sex? A lot of couples feel that distance … [Read More...]

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Threesomes – How to avoid troubles (part 1)

Have you been contemplating a threesome lately? Are you desirous, yet fearful of threesomes? Do you often wonder how it is to have a threesome? Threesomes are one of the most common fantasies among men and women alike. It’s not unnatural to … [Read More...]