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5 reasons to skip alcohol before sex

Do you feel that a couple of shots make your bolder to pick up a girl at the bar? Have you had problems having sex with your partner after a few drinks? Are you missing out on morning sex after a … [Read More...]


How does male erection work

Some people say that anatomy is a dead science because we already know everything about “our bodies.” But this perception drastically changes as we age and our body refuses to agree with us most of … [Read More...]

True Emotional Seduction


10 questions that might offend your gay friend

Your friend, or maybe a friend's friend, can be a gay and it is very normal for you to be all curious about this parallel world and you would want to ask a lot of questions. But, make sure you do not ask them these 10 things and not only offend … [Read More...]


TIPS for everlasting sexual happiness™

From the time of the ancient Kamasutra, it has long been the quest of human beings to find the perfect solution for everlasting sexual happiness. Sexual boredom, loneliness, and ill health can take the juice out of your nights and push you into a … [Read More...]

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8 ways to fire up a long distance relationship

Are you insecure about your long distance relationship? Has your sex life taken a backseat due to long distance relationship? Are you thinking of spicing up your long distance relationship through sex? A lot of couples feel that distance … [Read More...]